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Tim Hoover

Cross Sections - A communication from Britain - The New World

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What does a Moderator Do?

What is one advantage and one disadvantage of using plutonium in a nuclear bomb?

A moderator for a nuclear reactor being considered is

all of the above

The "cross section" for a nuclear reaction is a measure of:

the size of the nucleus.
The cross sectional area of a nucleus
The probability of the nuclear reaction occurring.
The total cross sectional area of all hte nuclei in the sample.


Compton's Committee on Uranium discussed:

nuclear powered submarines.
nuclear bombs.
scattering radioactive material.


A cyclotron:

measures the speed of light.
accelerates charged particles.
measures radioactive decay energies.


A mass spectrograph measures an elements what?


The "liquid drop" model of the nucleus explained its


What was Lise Meitner's major accomplishment?


What was Enrico Fermi's major accomplishment?